"Working with Ramona Braganza (an American personal trainer working worldwide with Hollywood stars) I had the need to translate into the Italian language, the manuals of her training method. Marika gave me an excellent translation making them available in few days.I would strongly recommend Marika to anyone looking for proficiency, compliance with the deadlines and accuracy."

 (Michele Tonon Personal Trainer - www.micheletonon.it)

"... Marika fulfilled employement responsibilities with little supervision. The posistion required search, as well as the ability to work long hours. Success in this position depended upon strong commitments and autonomy. I am glad to act as a reference for Marika and speak to her editor skills, work, ethic, literacy and professionalism." (Steve Dawn Editing Supervisor of Discovery Publisher Ltd. - New York)

"We had the pleasure of working with Marika Tonon for the translation in English and in French of our e – book concerning a non-profit project to support Nepal. She has been extremely on time and has done an excellent job, showing enthusiasm, proficiency and responsibility. She translated our text with sensitivity and finesse, giving it the strength and the intensity we wanted to send out"  (Stefania Martini & Fabrizio Grippo Belfi, authors of the photo e-book "Nepal. The Valley of Kathmandu" published by Amazon, La Feltrinelli, Bookrepublic.it, www.net-ebook.it, www.excalibooks.com, www.hoepli.it)